Dress Code



In order to give you the most successful experience, we ask that you follow this dress code in order to make your portrait the highest and finest quality artwork to complete your home. Color coordination lends harmony of your family to your portrait. So we may continue with tradition, please come dressed in the suggestions below.  

  • Always choose outfits that are classic, sharp and timeless. Pick something that you will want to look back on in 20 years

  • Stay away from prints, logos, bold patterns or sequins

  • Strictly no jeans, khakis, shorts or other casual attire

  • Stay away from wardrobe that is too form fitting or revealing

  • Layers and textures work well

  • Carefully consider your appeal from head to toe, as a variety of full length and close up poses may be photographed



Ladies and Young Girls:

  • Long dresses or gowns with heels

  • Elegant and classic jewelry such as pearls and diamonds are encouraged but nothing too busy

  • Pants, knee length dresses and skirts with a nice solid colored blouse are fine


Men and Young Men: 

  • Suit or tuxedo with a white button down, collared shirt with a long tie or bow tie

  • Vests with or without a jacket are acceptable 

  • Solid colored button down, long sleeve shirt and black slacks

  • For Young Men: Solid sweater with dress pants are acceptable 



Everyone should be dressed in the same color tones. Please choose to coordinate one color grouping with the other members of your family. As a lot of our clients will do, if you choose to shop for your outfit, feel free to consult with J. Elizabeth Portraiture for suggestions.  

Medium to Darker tones:

Ladies - Navy Blue, Mauve, Burgundy, Maroon, Eggplant, Dark Green

Men - Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Black

Young girls - Navy Blue, Grey, Mauve, Burgundy, Maroon, Eggplant, Dark Green 

Young men - Same as men

Jeweled/Earthy tones:

Ladies - Beige, Tan, Teal, Light Pink, Baby Blue, Copper, Teal, Off-White, Cream 

Men - Light Grey, Dark Grey, Olive Green, Black

Young girls - Pale Pink, Purple, Off-White, Cream

Young men - Pale Blue, Pale Green, Purple, Cream, Grey, Off-White, Black 


Tips on Your Style

  • Make sure your clothes are pressed and wrinkle free

  • Keep your hair color the way it is normally, for your portrait

  • Wear clean shoes

  • If you plan on getting a haircut, please do so 1 week prior to your session. This will give your hair time to grow in a bit

  • If you wear glasses, we recommend removable lenses so that it doesn't create glare however, not imperative 

  • Please make sure your nails are trimmed and clean

  • Ladies: Please keep your makeup natural and timeless. Go a little heavier than everyday but don't overdo it

  • Ladies: Make sure your nails are trimmed and evenly painted. Clear nail polish is acceptable

  • Ladies: Have your hair styled before the session


If you are unsure of a particular outfit or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.